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(no subject) [Apr. 14th, 2015|06:36 am]
I was cleaning out my google voice inbox which serves as my phone voicemail and came across this which was left for me quite a while ago and I'm just now hearing it & it's fucking hilarious... no idea who left it, but props to you for making me LOL IRL


the trance is the motion [Nov. 2nd, 2014|08:42 am]
Okay so I'm back already to make another post, but this one is depressing as shit.

Earlier today (last night, whatever) I learned the shocking news that Wayne Static passed away. Although I did not know Wayne on a personal level, he has been one of my favorite people on earth for 15 years and this is extremely upsetting to me.

I loved Static-X from the start, I bought Wisconsin Death Trip the day it was released back in 1999 and I've been rocking it ever since. All the other albums are good as well of course, and I listen to them pretty regularly but WDT has always been my favorite... I play it on all of my road trips, know all of the songs like the back of my hand and it always gets me pumped. In October '99 they came here on tour, to a small place called the Karma Club. I was 16 at the time and went with 3 of my friends. There were about 30 people in attendance in total. I remember that Dope opened up for them, which was pretty cool because I was a fan of Dope prior to Static-X. Anyway, I rocked the whole show front row in the middle. When Static-X finally came on to play, Wayne started the show by screaming "WE ARE THE KINGS OF EVIL DISCO!!" and I immediately fell in teenage crush-lust with him... him being dressed in all black with his tall hair and pointy guitar and crazy voice, he was fucking glorious to my eyes. The show was off the chain and I still count it as one of my top favorite shows of all time.

Anyway, besides loving the music, I was slightly obsessed with him for a long time and jokingly referred to him as my "future husband". I continued going to shows and rockin' out (I don't even know how many times I've seen them live but it's definitely in the double digits) and made it my goal to meet him and get a picture. However fate would not seem to allow to make this easy, I tried multiple times to no avail. Here's a screen shot from a LJ entry I made back in 2009:

I decided to never give up. I attended a few more shows and he was always elusive, never to be found.

Soooo... then Static-X broke up in 2013 due to major disagreements within the band. I was heart broken. The whole band was cool, and it sucks that there was trouble within. However, Wayne decided to continue on doing tours as "Wayne Static" playing Static-X songs with a different band lineup which made me happy that he wasn't just calling it quits. He was scheduled to play here in June at Pop's and I was even going to buy a VIP package so I could finally meet him and get picture because at that point it seemed like the only way it would ever happen but the show got canceled due to transportation problems and I was like FUCK NO. Then it was announced that they would be playing at this year's Gathering of the Juggalos, & not only that but it was going to be part of the "Wisconsin Death Trip Tour" where they would be playing the album in it's entirety and I was like FUCK YEAH.

So flash forward to late July, I get my schedule for the events I would be working ( ummm... yeah I've officially worked for Psychopathic at the past couple of GOTJ's hosting and judging events, which is pretty awesome but that's a whole different story I've yet to tell...#professional-juggalo) and low and behold the last hour of the late night party I host is overlapping during the time that Wayne Static would be playing his late night set and I was like SERIOUSLY I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS and got super depressed. HOWEVER, being that this was like the perfect opportunity, on the actual night it was happening I got permission to leave my event a half hour early and hauled ass across the GOTJ grounds to the stage where Wayne was to be playing hoping to catch at least a little bit of the set, but to my delight I discovered that everything had been pushed back and they hadn't even started yet! PERFECT. Hung around in the backstage area waiting for Wayne to emerge so I could try to achieve my goal, hanging with my crew & chatting to various people and the band members... no sign of Wayne yet, until I happened to glance over at the one of the trailers that serve as the green rooms and the blinds were slightly open and I could see the silhouette of his hair and I was like !!!!!! and those +10 stalker powers I mentioned in the screen shot above blasted up to +100 (I had quite a few drinks in me at this point, so that helped) and I went full creeper mode and snuck up to the window and took this picture:

omg he's so excellent right

SO YEAH ANYWAY, about 5 minutes later he came outside to go on stage and I was all geeked like OH SHIT THERE HE IS and he was walking right over to where I was standing so when he got close, I was all calm like "HEY WAYNE." and he was like "HELLO" and I was like... "HEEEEY sooo... I've been to about a million of your shows and I've been trying to get a picture with you for literally 15 years now, do you think we could make that happen?" and he was like "of course darling" all polite and fantastic and lovely and I was like YESSSSS AND THEN IT HAPPENED:


He was super nice to me and even gave me a hug so I was on cloud 9 at that point, but I still had the entire Wisconsin Death Trip show to rock out to so that made me even happier. I stood right down in front in the barricade/security pit area and marked out hardcore, screaming all the lyrics and jumping around flailing like an idiot and I probably looked like a total psycho, but I didn't even care because it was a wonderful moment in time, and I will treasure it forever. Only thing I regret is that I wish I could have brought my actual camera and had done real photos of the performance, but since I was on a work schedule that night I didn't even think to bring it with me. I did however get this shot with my phone:

The show was so good, easily my highlight of the entire GOTJ this year.

* * *

May you R.I.P. Wayne, you are a legend and were an excellent, unique & talented person. Gone way too soon. I hope whatever demons you were battling are at rest now. It may seem weird that I care so much being that I didn't know him personally, but as the story above explains I was definitely a major fan and I am quite sad to know that the GOTJ performance was last time I will ever see and hear him live. He was about to go out on tour again, and although there was no STL date I was planning on catching the show in another location.

My heart goes out majorly to everyone that did know him personally, his wife, his former band mates, the musicians he's worked with, and all of the fans such as myself that feel the loss. He lives on through his music, and all of the people it's touched & inspired. Wisconsin Death Trip will forever be one of my most favorite albums and I will continue rockin' out to it until the day I also pass from this world, but now it will be so bittersweet knowing that I will never be able to bask in his glory ever again.
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HALLOWEEN 2K14 [Nov. 2nd, 2014|06:04 am]

Instead of my annual trip to Detroit for Frightfest & Hallowicked, I opted to stay home this year because I've been super sick for the past week and wasn't feeling like traveling, even more so because I just returned from a whirlwind week long Skrillex photo tour that spanned 3 states and 1,500+ miles of driving a few days prior. So I chilled and rested and started feeling a little better, carved a badass pumpkin on the 30th, and then had myself a gleeful STL Halloween adventure that involved trick or treating, rockin' the fuck out at the Kill the Noise show at the Ready Room, hanging out at the Crack Fox for the goth/industrial Halloween party, and then going to Pop's (and having a ghetto mini-adventure getting lost in East St. Louis because they had the main road blocked and were rerouting everyone to nowhere due to an accident and my GPS kept telling me to go back to that main road but finally I found a different way after driving in circles and doing a photo shoot with a Rick Ross mural while getting hollered at by some dude in a car) and then continuing to hang out, dance and act a fool until about 6am... spent time with good friends, made new friends and ate a lot of candy. All in all it was a pretty fabulous night, and even though I didn't get to see everyone that was expecting me in Detroit and dance in the Faygo rain like the eternal juggalo I am I still had a great time.

Plus I got to actually wear a costume this year, I usually just go as myself... but this year I went with "apocalyptic space jugga-crow".

Going to make another attempt at trying to get back in the habit of posting here... we'll see how it goes. I'm pretty unhappy with myself that I started slacking on it because this has always been a place to write for myself, like a digital scrapbook of personal memories and now there's huge chunks of time that haven't been documented properly and yeah, sad. This entire year has been so insane (in a good way), I don't even know where to start.
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(no subject) [Oct. 26th, 2014|05:54 am]

...in other news: tonight I went to a crazy halloween house party which looked like a movie set and I ate 20 pounds of cheese dip and it was a good time. Then when leaving and walking to our cars, Ruben and I witnessed someone crashing their pickup truck into a telephone pole, tossing a pregnant girl out of the door, almost running her over while backing up and then burning out down the street with the front of the truck completely smashed in.

We left the scene shortly after and both got pulled over by the police not even 2 minutes later and had to make witness statements.
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(no subject) [Oct. 24th, 2014|05:24 am]



october 21st 2014
STAR CITY INN - Columbus, OH
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(no subject) [Apr. 20th, 2014|08:11 am]

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(no subject) [Jan. 14th, 2014|09:39 am]
APRIL 2013



original photos by Nik
further editing by me


That clawfoot tub is actually REALLY nice aside from what it looks like in the picture - I bought it from some guy that was rehabbing old apartment buildings for pretty cheap because it was in funky condition, but I had it professionally refinished, it looks brand new and is currently installed all pretty in the completely rehabbed bathroom of my cemetery house (which I don't think I ever made a post about, I BOUGHT A HOUSE QUITE A WHILE AGO, basically an abandoned house - but it was in decent condition, still got it for cheap though, & it's directly across from a giant cemetery - which is why I call it the cemetery house... and started a rental property business... THREE SIX PROPERTIES! YEAH I'M A LANDLORD WHUT. Well a landlord to be as I've yet to rent it out because we're still currently in the process of fixing it up, but it's going to be frickin' fabulous and the bathroom is already adorable. I'll post some before and afters.)
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SINISTER TIMES [Jan. 11th, 2014|08:35 am]
JULY 2013

Since I have so much catching up to do as far as photo posts go, I'm just going to choose random stuff that has happened since I regularly stopped posting.

In late June of 2013 I packed up the good ol' Trans Am (which has since suffered the inevitable blown head gasket issue at 190,000 miles and has been parked in the garage since August, I bought a brand new car in September [2013 Chevy Spark] but the Trans Am will rise like the phoenix from the ashes it is with a complete engine rebulid) and headed westward on yet another 30 hour drive to Los Angeles for a fantastic 10 day whirlwind adventure with Gaia and Perish. We partied, went to multiple events, shopped, ate delicious food, stayed up way past any normal person's bedtime nightly, made costumes, danced around like idiots, had serious girl time and acted insane among other things. Overall it was a fan-fucking-tastic time. These particular photos are a collection from the Saturday night during the time I was there, which we spent at Bar Sinister in Hollywood. GOTH CLUB PSYCHOS... we were crunk.

All photos above the cut are credited to the wonderful LA photographer Bil Brown, the ones behind the cut were taken with my trusty lil Kodak.

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CAVE RAVE STORY TIME [Jan. 9th, 2014|07:47 am]
APRIL 2013



* we were encouraged to go "oldschool" & wear our Kikwears as they were a sponsor of the party and mine are too big on me now



* busted my elbow and spilt my expensive drink but saved my more expensive camera gear.


[ I also did a bunch of general event photography which can be seen HERE ]
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FUNGUS AMONG US [Jan. 8th, 2014|09:53 pm]


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HELLO AGAIN TO ALL MY FRIENDS [May. 4th, 2013|04:57 am]
...testing... testing...


Yes... it is me! Back again to unleash myself upon you, my long lost livejournal! How horrible of me to abandon you so, I honestly cannot believe how much time has past since my last post. Seriously depressing, I kept up an almost daily posting schedule for almost 10 years and then fall off the face of the earth... well I certainly haven't ACTUALLY fallen off the face of the earth, I've been super busy and up to my usual antics. The past year has been nuts! I have thousands of photos that have never seen the daylight sitting on my hard drive... I don't even know where to begin really.

I guess I'll start with an announcement:


There I am on my birthday, which was March 23rd, being ridiculous.

I will post all of the pictures from my birthday celebration at some point because they're fun shit.

I've been incredibly stagnated on artistic expressions due to a serious lack of good locations, (good as in rotten moldy drippy rusty creepy) & I've been mourning the loss of my beloved Chesterfield Manor every time I get that urge... but TODAY I stumbled upon a goldmine and as a bonus feature it's located only a 5 minute drive from my house!


Also, since my journal was left for so long with the sad, horrible story of what happened to Blaze at the very top I feel I should update and say that our hearts have healed and our home has been warmed by this guy here:

This is DUBS, which is short for Dubsy which is derived from W.C. which stands for "Wild Cat" because when we brought him home, he had that wild crazy look in his eyes which suggested that he had quite the personality. Which he definitely does. We've had him for little over a year now. His original name was Whiskers, he was 11 months old when we adopted him from a local no-kill shelter because his previous owners didn't want him anymore because they kept birds and he was trying to get them. THEIR LOSS, our major gain because this is the most splendid feline I've ever had the pleasure of having the company of. He is absolutely perfect for our household, super friendly & playful, likes to wrestle, very loving but not overly needy, has good manners and obeys the rules fairly well, and is a total clown most of the times. He is extremely expressive and just delightful. Not to mention the fact that he is SUPER CUTE and his fur is ultra fluffy and feels like silk. I like to rub my face all over him to try and absorb the cuteness directly. He was so helpful in our time of need, he brought joy and light back to our lives after a tragic loss. He is not to be seen as a replacement or stand-in for Blaze, Dubs is his own wonderful self and Blaze will always be remembered and will hold a special place in our hearts.

Okay well I'm done for now I guess. I'm glad I've finally updated. It's very important to me & it's a shame I've let it go for so long.

I'm still selling dread falls, Krinklepuffs & fringes at my crappy www.triplesixhair.com website which I still have never gotten around to fixing. Might be taking a short hiatus on taking any new orders for dread falls for a few months after we finish up the current orders as we've been slammed and I've seriously been working pretty much non stop ever since I put the ordering system up as it is 3 years ago. I fully intend to build a much nicer site at some point, that shit is so wack and dysfunctional I can't believe anyone actually orders from it haha! I also have another site now just for Krinklepuffs which is www.krinklepuffs.com

I still hate facebook and barely use it, but I'm definitely active on instagram so add me if you'd like, username "TRIPLESIX" of course!

Until next time folks... I hope everyone reading this is well and your lives are going along happily! If anyone actually even reads here anymore!

I'll leave you with this little gem from a couple of weeks ago, taken by Nik (monkeysoncrack.com)

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(no subject) [Mar. 17th, 2012|08:49 pm]
I would like to give a giant collective thank you to everyone who has offered kind words and condolences in regards to the loss of Blaze. Your kindness in my time of pain shines some light through the darkness and it's always nice to know that others care when tragedy strikes. Life will strike you with many times of sorrow, and one of the only ways to get through these times is with the help and support from others. So yes, many thanks and much love to all that have commented, tweeted, texted, or messaged me on here, facebook, or my phone. It's hard to keep up with it all and respond to everyone individually so I would like to make it known that I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you.

My heart and love goes out to anyone who has experienced the heartbreaking loss of a beloved furry (or non furry) friend. Although it's so very hard to say goodbye to them, the joy and happiness they bring to our lives makes the pain in the end worth it. The loss is tragic but with time all wounds will heal and our memories of the time we spent loving them will last forever.
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(no subject) [Mar. 17th, 2012|08:27 am]
Well once again, it's been forever since I've made an entry. Not because I don't want to, or have nothing to post about, but due to being excessively busy and stressed out constantly about my lack of time. I have a ton of stuff that should be posted. Happy, fun times as usual. Unfortunately that will not be the theme of this post as a very upsetting event has occurred that I need to express my feelings about.

Thursday morning, our very beloved cat Blaze who had been with us since 2003, was killed under our deck by some neighborhood dogs that got loose while my mom and I were sleeping right inside the house. We were unaware of what had happened until a few hours later when my mom was awake and my next door neighbor told her what he had seen. Two big dogs, one white, and one brown had chased Blaze under the deck, there was a scuffle and my neighbor ran over there to stop it but in the few seconds it took for him to get over there, Blaze had already been killed and the dogs took off. I was awoken by my mom shouting in the backyard, and immediately knew something was very wrong. I was informed of the situation and next thing I knew I was down under the deck looking at poor little Blaze, laying there dead. There were flies all over him. I couldnt stand the sight and immediately started sobbing and screaming "OH MY GOD NO NO NO NO!!!" I ran and got a box and some towels from the garage, shooed all the flies away and picked him up... he was cold and stiff, fur all ruffed up, a big bite on his side, eyes open, blood pouring out of his mouth. It was fucking awful. Just absolutely horrid and disturbing and terrible. I was beyond hysterical.

My mom had to leave to go to a very important doctors appointment so she was trying to hold it together, and I put Blaze in the box inside the garage until she returned and we could decide what to do. About 30 minutes later, I had calmed down a little and was sitting out on the front porch and a truck drove down the street very slowly. It slowed even more in front of my house, and then stopped and the guy driving rolled down his window and yelled something to me but I couldnt hear him. I walked over, and he was like "have you seen some dogs?" and I was like "how long have they been out?" and he said "since this morning" and I was like "are they bigger dogs, one white, one brown?" and he was like "yeah that's them, they're huskies" and I said "welllll... I didn't personally see them, but my neighbor saw them earlier. They killed my cat." His face went white as a sheet. He was like "OH NO I'M SO SORRY I'LL BE BACK" and drove away.

My mom came home about 15 minutes later and wanted to see Blaze in the box and she totally broke down which set me off again. We were both screaming and sobbing. So much pain to see him that way. We decided to have him cremated, so we put him in the car and headed to the humane society. On the way there we passed the guy in the truck, who was still driving around looking for the dogs. I flashed him with the car lights until he pulled over and my mom got his name and phone number. He promised he'd come back to our house as soon as he found the dogs. So we continued to the humane society and filled out all the paperwork. Said our final sobbing goodbyes to Blaze and then headed home. A little while later, there was a knock at the door. The dog's owner had come back as he had promised. The dogs had been picked up by the police and taken home. The owner was legit torn up about the situation, extremely apologetic, and even started crying himself. He offered to pay the bill for the cremation service, and to pay for any costs for a future cat we may get. He had no idea how the dogs got out and is going to reinforce everything in his yard to make sure it doesn't happen again. He also spoke of how friendly and sweet his dogs are, but that they have been known to kill rabbits, squirrels, and other small animals.

The owner returned on Friday with a check to cover the cost of the cremation. He was crying again and informed us that he had been contacted by the police because two other cats had been reported as killed by his dogs.

Really though, there's no one to blame. Can't blame the guy because he does seem like a responsible owner who loves his dogs, they just found a way out and went for it. I found it very respectable that he was taking responsibility for what happened and offering what he could to make the situation any better. Can't get mad at the dogs for being dogs. They don't know any better. A dog can be the sweetest thing but they still have animal instincts and will act on them. Can't blame ourselves, Blaze enjoyed going outside and we allowed him that pleasure. He much preferred to do his bodily business outside rather than use the litter box. He never went far, he mostly just hung around the deck, and nothing bad ever happened. Except for this one time, this one terrible situation... which is just a bunch of circumstances coming together to meet in one final tragic loss. No matter how it's viewed there is no silver lining to this cloud. Our cat has been killed, there is nothing that can be done to bring him back or make it better.

It's one thing to lose a pet to old age or sickness, at least then you know it's coming and can somewhat prepare and have time to say goodbye. I've been there before and although it hurts very much, this unexpected violent loss is so much worse. It's just so shocking on top of the sadness of the loss. It was way before his time to go. It's so fucking bad bad bad that this happened!!!!

A little backstory on Blaze:

Blaze came to live with us as a tiny little thing no bigger than my hand, 5 weeks old, eyes still blue, way too young to be away from his mom. One of my mom's friends had rescued him from a house in Brooklyn, IL (GHETTO-LAND GALORE). He was covered in fleas and extremely needy. He won my heart immediately when I offered him a mouse toy and he he took it and started walking with it and growling this almost inaudible little growl. I remember saying "Oh you think you're a tough guy huh little one? Well you can't be too tough with that pink nose!" He was so cute and had the loudest meow for how tiny he was. He bonded with my mom deeply and they became the best of friends. He followed her everywhere, a constant companion.

Well as all kittens do, this little kitty face:

grew into this big kitty face:

...and he lived a life that would be the envy of many a feline. Adored by my mother he was beyond spoiled and given only the best of everything. We gave him constant love and attention, and he gave just as much love in return. He was a very well behaved cat, was extremely personable (once you got to know him, he was always a little wary of strangers), and was usually waiting just inside the door to greet us upon coming home. He was my mom's constant buddy, always at her side when she was awake and at home, greeting her every morning excitedly when she'd come out of her room. He would meow and I'd meow back and we'd have an entire conversation (although I didn't know what I was saying, I seemed to speak his language pretty well ;D). He would run and throw himself on the floor in front of me when I'd walk, and do what I'd call the "worm-cat" wriggle until I would exhaust him of petting and patting. He was not just "some cat", he was a very important member of the household, and after 9 years of his presence his absence is making the house feel empty and depressing. I'm very upset about it, my mom is completely beside herself... he was her little buddy. On top of my own sadness I feel double as sad because I know that her heart is broken. It will take a long time to heal from this hurt.

Goodbye our friend, our beautiful Blaze.
I hope we provided you with an enjoyable and happy life.
I am so so so sorry that you met with such a horrible end.
You did not deserve that, and I would do anything to take it back.
Your presence and the joy & light you brought to our household will be very, very missed.
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(no subject) [Jan. 21st, 2012|09:44 am]


Photo is from last Monday night, another one for Evolution Division's clothing line. ->www.evolutiondivision.com<- Taken outside during a tornado warning ( in JANUARY!? - crazy ass weather so far this year), 30 seconds before a torrential downpour. Fun times.

I'm awake because I suddenly became inspired to remodel my hair site from scratch, building on a whole new system. It's gonna be a bitch but needs to be done because the site, although functional, is super janky and half ass as it is now and I've been putting it off for a long time. ...but no longer, all old projects will be completed within the next few months so I can move on and focus on all the new shit I need to get done. YEEEAHBUDDY.

Ugh, head is starting to pound... definitely time for bed.

Laughin' like a lunatic...
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(no subject) [Jan. 8th, 2012|09:03 am]


...and I hope the new year found you in good health and spirit. Personally, I can hardly believe another whole year has passed by. Time seems to pass very quickly for me and only seems to be speeding up with each passing second. Days turn into weeks faster than I can get a handle on them and next thing I know it's a month later and I'm still recalling the days of the past as if they were mere minutes apart. 2011 was somewhat of a fail as far as progression and general life goal accomplishments are concerned. I've allowed myself to become very sidetracked on things and all this procrastination has definitely led to me feeling very non productive in all aspects. As far as fun goes though, the last year definitely comes high on the charts for that. So overall even with the disappointment of stagnating on my goals, I'm quite happy with all the good times I had. I've really slacked on sharing these fun times online as much as I used to, but I can only blame that on my busy schedule and poor time management skills. Or maybe it's due to my desire to sleep rather than stay up staring at this screen until my brain melts and my eyes bleed... whatever the case, I need to get back in the swing of things for sure and I will be making a real effort to do so instead of just talking shit about it. ...and that goes for a lot of other things as well, I'm really going to focus on making this year count for something so this time next year I'm not looking back and being pissed that I achieved nothing that I wanted.

ANYWAY, I rang in the new year doing two of my favorite things:

at a fantastic rave dance party here in STL with good company and some serious bassy booms.

I also morphed into a demon:

I've created a TRIPLESIX PHOTOGRAPHY page on facebook for the event photos I take, mainly for easier organization and sharing purposes. If you're interested in seeing more from this event there's a large album which can be seen by CLICKING HERE.

* * *

In other recent event news, last Monday there was a "Post New Year Apocalyptic Pajama Party" at Rapture (weekly goth night which is now held at the Crack Fox) which I saw as a perfect excuse to bust out the Pikachu kigurumi and venture out into the freezing weather for some good times.

Okay well it's getting ridiculously late (early) so I should be off to get some sleep now. Extremely backed up on dread orders so this week's work schedule is seriously going to suck. We will prevail as we always do though, and once things slow down a little bit I'll be back with more updates. UNTIL THEN... BUUUHBYE
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